A new mom reviews two smart breast pumps


Willow 3.0 breast pump

Amber Bouman / Engadget

Internal the field, the Willow design contains two white and mint green egg-fashioned pumps, weighing 12.5 oz (0.78 pound). Willow includes 24 of it’s proprietary ‘O’ fashioned milk bags which fit into the flanges and over the Flextubes. The flanges then connect to the pump courtesy of just a few minute magnets alongside the rim. The entrance of the pump has buttons to manipulate pumping lessons.

The Willow affords two assortment alternate choices: a flange that works with disposable bags that prefer to be linked before every session, and reusable flanges that would possibly per chance per chance also merely be emptied and cleaned. Each and each has its experts and cons. The current flange that incorporates the Willow requires proprietary bags readily available at Willow’s internet house, Amazon and Purchase Purchase Shrimp one. This setup is declared to be ‘spill proof,’ in step with the secure house, even in the downward canines yoga pose. I examined that very claim and chanced on it to be correct. 

The opposite choice, the reusable flanges, are supplied one at a time. Even though they’re washable, they’re no longer spill-proof, and require the particular person to endure in mind to toggle between two settings to total a session. 

Both method, whenever you happen to’re done pumping you are going to be in a position to utter the ‘flip to attain’ goal to fetch the the rest of the milk into the receptacle of your different (ranking or flange). You’ll then separate the pump from the breast and breeze it toward you and upside down — which appears like a surefire method to dump milk into your lap. On the different hand, the Willow design then kicks in and draws the the rest of the milk into the ranking or flange. It’s relatively tidy to search, however reasonably of fluid repeatedly remains in the Flextube so I smooth wanted a towel to attain or I’d lastly cease up with just a few drops of milk escaping.

Elvie breast pump

Amber Bouman / Engadget

The Elvie is additionally fashioned like an egg, weighing a lighter 7.9 oz (0.49 pound). The breast shields containing the flanges are a separate attachment from the assortment containers. These are certain plastic with quantity markers, attaching at the underside of the pump. The containers are designed to be predicament on a counter or table as you prep, which I chanced on relatively truly handy. The breast shields snap in or out with an effortless press or pull. On the entrance of the Elvie pumps are buttons for energy, play, depth  and linked aspect. (The Elvie pumps are no longer assigned robotically, whereas the Willows are marked as staunch and left.) There’s additionally a button for detaching the bottles. The pump additionally comes with adjusters to support the design fit very effortlessly inside a bra.

There shouldn’t be this kind of thing as a decision to make utter of disposable bags with the Elvie, and it doesn’t claim to be spill-proof. It does claim to be restful, which it on the self-discipline of is. Elvie is the quietest of all three pumps I feeble. It has a pretty of smaller profile, however the white indicator lights on the entrance of the pump glow via the particular person’s shirt (leading me to take into fable them as Iron Man Boobs). 

Consolation and fit

Willow 3.0

Amber Bouman / Engadget

Following the instructions in the Willow manual, I fit the certain flange over my breast and then linked the pump to inaugurate up a session. This ensures a better fit, which in turn ends in more a hit pumping. If a Willow pump isn’t predicament precisely onto the breast, it is going to cease and flash an orange gentle. An error message on the app will show you what the difficulty is so that you are going to be in a position to repair the difficulty. Once pumping begins, merely pull up the cup of your bra and trot about your day. 

Starting a session was once straightforward sufficient. There occupy been handiest just a few times the build I place things collectively incorrectly; even then, addressing the problems was once straightforward. The Willow stayed in house successfully, and the pumping itself wasn’t uncomfortable. Fair a tug and some stress, and the process didn’t pull or pinch my nipples though I’m able to also distinctly in actuality feel it working. 

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On the different hand, I looked ridiculous. In distinction to the sublime photos of women folks on the Willow house the usage of the pump whereas doing yoga, I gave the look of Jessica Rabbit in a Terry Gilliam movie; my proportions had been comically exaggerated and my chest made rhythmic pumping noises. My partner would giggle at me every time he noticed me the usage of them, and I wouldn’t undertaking farther than the mailbox whereas pumping. 

The Elvie pumps are luckily smaller and loads more and loads quieter. That mentioned, I smooth doubtlessly wouldn’t trot out in public the usage of them. But I felt critically better about taking convention calls. Just like the Willow, the Elvie pumps are placed in opposition to the breast and secured in house by the bra; Elvie adds an adjuster in the equipment to support lengthen straps the build wanted (though I individually never did). 

The Elvie pumps additionally occupy well-known smaller flange items, with black indicator lines to support align the nipple precisely so that you are going to be in a position to construct on the already assembled pump. Since the assortment containers are on the underside, the pump itself has a smaller profile. Elvie warns that the pumps are likely to get heat, however it completely wasn’t something I noticed unless I unlatched them. 

Elvie pump


Both programs provide seven depth settings in distinction to the 5 on my Spectra wired pump. Since the premise is to make utter of the highest surroundings that you accumulate overjoyed, I most continuously ran the pumps at surroundings 4 or 5, with factual results. Both pumps robotically shift the pumping rhythm from stimulation (which indicators to the breast to ‘let down’ milk) to expression (the build milk manufacturing is constant). On the Spectra, this has to be done manually.

On the different hand, both pumps made it no longer easy to retain my formative years — no longer due to noise, which didn’t trouble both of my infants in the slightest, however due to awkward bulges in the entrance of my shirt. I at the moment felt like Marge Simpson in the episode the build she can get big implants and can’t retain Maggie over them. Furthermore, I was once reasonably of mighty about my formative years bumping their minute gentle heads in opposition to the no longer easy pumps. 

Ease of utter

Elvie breast pump

Amber Bouman / Engadget

Having just a few weeks of expertise with wired pumps, it wasn’t too sophisticated to adapt to a wireless model, though there occupy been variations. With the Willow, it was once learning to install the milk bags and flanges precisely; there occupy been just a few times the build I needed to take the total meeting apart and re-attain it to efficiently inaugurate up a session. Whereas the app helps you to know what the difficulty is, it didn’t support when one among the pumps wouldn’t connect via Bluetooth (more on that below). There occupy been just a few events the build there was once no mumble reported in the app, however no milk was once produced on one aspect. Become once it resulting from wrong nipple alignment? Did I seat the ranking poorly in the flange? 

At one level, a Flextube stopped connecting precisely to at least one among the reusable flanges and, despite retrying it just a few times, I never would possibly per chance per chance get that particular flange to work every other time (though the Flextubes labored horny with the smartly-liked flanges and the different reusable flange). If I hadn’t had other alternate choices to total my session, I’d occupy been far more upset. Twice I forgot to toggle the switches on the reusable flange before ending a session the usage of Willow’s ‘flip to attain’ goal, which meant I spilled milk in the process. But that’s on me. 

With Elvie, the most main mumble was once seating my nipple inside the breast protect. Regardless of the markings on the protect, there occupy been smooth just a few lessons the build I it sounds as if hadn’t lined up successfully sufficient, resulting in hardly ever any milk, most continuously from one aspect most continuously from both. This took house a minimal of thrice, and there wasn’t plenty of files to support me figure it out. 

Breast pump app screenshots

Willow / Amber Bouman / Engadget

Regardless of these being trim breast pumps, the paired apps had been the least spectacular portion. The pumps work staunch horny with out pairing, and I bumped into problems with both the Evie and Willow apps. On the different hand, one among the Willow pumps (the staunch one) nearly never linked to the app. I tried to put collectively the troubleshooting instructions, to no avail. In fact, handiest two or three of my lessons had both pumps linked, which method I was once handiest getting half of the metrics on battery existence and quantity. 

This was once frustrating, and additionally made the app appear superfluous. I contacted Willow about this, and requested if resetting the pump would repair the difficulty; they truly handy that I attempt out the reset.  Whereas this did appear to resolve the difficulty — even populating the app with my metric history — the pump smooth wasn’t linked at some level of my next session. Furthermore, the reset wasn’t something that was once essentially straightforward to troubleshoot the usage of the manual which merely advises resetting the design “when design desires to be reset.” 

Elvie app

Elvie / Amber Bouman / Engadget

Elvie had its occupy snags. Because I tried out the pumps before I paired them to the app, the first time I opened this method it showed a pumping history from 1970. There occupy been additionally a minimal of two lessons the build the app showed that I had produced far more milk than the bottles had in them. No longer dealbreakers, however every other time, no longer things that made the app half of the product in actuality feel wanted. 

There occupy been some truly handy functions, like controls constructed into the Evie app allowing you to cease, inaugurate up or attain a session from your cell phone. Likewise, the Willow app displayed the time left in a session and pumping history was once perfect. The ideal parts of the apps had been searching at the quantity of milk amassing and having a legend of session metrics and files. 

Battery existence

Elvie breast pump

Amber Bouman / Engadget

The appeal of a trim breast pump design — the ability to construct all the pump on your bra for total freedom of fade — comes with some predictable trade-offs. Mighty like a predicament of Bluetooth earbuds, you must be wide awake of conserving the pumps charged so they’re willing to transfer whenever you happen to are. As somebody who lives on an off-grid property that relies on solar energy, I’m repeatedly shopping for a battery-powered resolution that enables me to fee at some level of the day so I’m able to steer certain of pulling energy at night.

For obvious security causes, neither pump will indicate you are going to be in a position to utter it whereas it’s charging. Willow pumps heed via a 120V charging cable with a port on the underside of the pump. There’s one charging cable incorporated in the equipment; you are going to be in a position to additionally elevate extras one at a time for $30. Elvie uses a more universal micro-USB charger, located in a lined port on the aspect of the pump. 

The Willow pumps take two hours to utterly heed, however can retailer sufficient energy for a single session in 25 minutes. Elvie affords the identical two-hour charging time. Willow claims that the battery would possibly per chance per chance occupy to smooth perfect for five lessons lasting 25 minutes apiece. In put collectively, then every other time, I chanced on that the staunch pump repeatedly misplaced battery sooner than the left. Most continuously I’d inaugurate up with a fully charged battery and get a low energy warning halfway via a session. More than once, I’d trot to inaugurate up handiest to search out the staunch pump flashing crimson and short of a heed, whereas the left one was once green and in a position to transfer. Willow mentioned that shall be since the pump is trying to ranking a firmware replace however had been grew to change into off before it is going to be carried out. I adopted their instructions, which mounted the difficulty for a day or so before it occurred every other time. 

Elvie says the batteries on its pumps would possibly per chance per chance occupy to smooth perfect about two and a half of hours at current settings. In my testing, they looked as if it would possibly per chance per chance per chance per chance bustle longer than the Willow ones; I in total managed to get around three lessons over 48 hours out of the Elvie pumps, whereas I needed to fee that errant staunch Willow pump most continuously. The left one looked as if it would possibly per chance per chance per chance per chance perfect for far longer, conserving its heed for one or two lessons day after day over about three days. I’m hoping that trying the firmware repair every other time will enhance results for the Willow pump going ahead. 

Cleansing and sterilizing

Willow 3.0

Amber Bouman / Engadget

As with every breast pump, all the parts that contact the breast or funnel breast milk via the design would possibly per chance per chance occupy to be originally sterilized by boiling in water for five to 10 minutes (some allow for microwave or machine sterilization). Then the parts prefer to be washed and air dried after every utter. The pumps themselves handiest prefer to be wiped with a clear dry cloth. 

Willow claims its design is easy to clear because there are handiest two parts: the flange and the Flextube. On the different hand, these two parts embody just a few little tubes and tunnels that would possibly per chance per chance occupy to be cleaned with the incorporated brushes. And the Flextubes take a relatively prolonged time to air dry. I chanced on myself wishing I had an additional predicament so that I wasn’t forced to wait for them to dry before I began one more session. 

Elvie’s design has more parts to clear: 5 on every aspect, including the bottles, spouts, valves, seals and breast shields. On the different hand, there are no longer any minute tunnels to brush clear, making it reasonably more straightforward. All the pieces excluding for the bottles dried instant. 


Elvie breast pump

Amber Bouman / Engadget

There’s no getting around the rate for both of these programs. Willow’s most modern mannequin, the Gen 3, costs $500. Elvie has two alternate choices: a single pump for $279 or a twin pump setup, which contains two of every equipment portion for $499. Both gadgets is also bought with FSA/HSA funds, a minimal of.

In an global the build a flagship smartphone will predicament you support over a huge and earbuds can bustle up to $350, this would possibly per chance likely per chance also merely appear stunning for a predicament product. But my Spectra S2 retails for $159, and the more fully featured Medela Sonata costs $359. You’re paying for the comfort of disconnecting from a wall poke. It’s largely price it, particularly would possibly per chance per chance occupy to you are going to be in a position to get or utter an insurance protection refund. 

Elvie affords a two-yr guarantee on the pump, and a 90-day guarantee on any of the washable parts. The expected lifespan of the Elvie washable parts (breast protect and bottle) is six months; a three-pack of different bottles runs $35 on Elvie’s house and the breast shields heed $30 for a two-pack. 

Willow, in the period in-between, affords a yr on the pump and 90 days on the different parts. The flange and Flextube for the Willow design desires to get replaced every three months; a two-pack of flanges is $30 and the Flextubes bustle $30 for a two-pack.


Elvie in bra


Willow has made a name for itself for a motive: It has an innovative product with just a few functions and a dedicated fanbase. Even supposing my predicament didn’t repeatedly work exactly as it was once supposed to, I smooth most smartly-liked the ability to brush my teeth, clear child bottles and lumber from room to room whereas pumping. Admittedly, I wish the Bluetooth connection was all every other time constant. The battery problems had been disappointing too. Overall, I smooth chanced on myself awaiting the Willow pumps to fee as an different of selecting my wired Spectra, which says something about how truly handy the product is. 

Elvie’s pumps provide a the same freedom with assorted functions. I most smartly-liked the ability to explore the bottles to develop certain the pumps had been amassing, as successfully because the on the self-discipline of restful pumping noise and slimmer profile. If I needed to pick staunch one, I’d decide for the Elvie largely resulting from the Willow’s finicky Bluetooth and battery. But when one more mother requested me if it was once price the investment to elevate both pump design, I’d smooth counsel both over a wired pump. 

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