Eero could be coming out with a faster WiFi 6 router

Amazon’s Eero may well possibly very effectively be releasing novel WiFi 6 networking gadgets rapidly, constant with recent leaks. ZatzNotFunny has spotted an Eero 6 Gateway and an Eero 6 Extender on the FCC recently, and it has furthermore reported the that which it’s possible you’ll possibly also assume arrival of a brand novel mesh router dubbed the Eero Pro 6. 

Each and every the gateway and the vary extender shall be twin-band gadgets; the gateway can have a USB-C port plus just a few Ethernet ports, whereas the extender looks to handiest have a charging port. The Eero Pro 6, alternatively, appears to be a tri-band model and furthermore functions just a few Ethernet ports. From the leaked field quilt, the Pro 6 appears to have a identical create to Eero’s line of fashioned routers, and never the cupcake-vogue domed create of closing year’s starting up

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