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Facebook FanPage Templates

The other day I was trying to add some text and images to my Facebook Page. I didn’t really understand the instructions that were given to me, so I decided to do a search. I implore you, any time you’re not sure how to do something, Google it or search on YouTube for instructions. There’s always someone who can give you the information you need. So, anyway, I was searching on YouTube to see if I could find an easier way to add iFrames to my Fanpage than copying and pasting code. So as I was looking through the videos on YouTube, I found one that said Free Facebook Fan Page Templates by expert Jo Barnes.

I watched the video and followed the instructions given to me, which were to Search on Facebook for Free Fan Page Templates and I clicked the LIKE button. This then connects you to The Social Networking Academy that contains the free templates and videos on how to use then. This couldn’t be more simpler! The videos start from What is a Facebook Page? There’s also a video teaching you how to create a Facebook Page.

So you watch the videos, follow the instructions and when you come to the iFrames videos you need to click on the Free iframes Templates link. This page has four styles of templates, each one is a little different and there are four different themes. The template I used was Template 2 or the one with the green theme. Of course I was watching the video as I was setting up my template which made it a lot easier. To do this you need to copy and paste the website into another window so that you can have both windows open at the same time, the one with the template and the other with the instructional video. The template has boxes where you put specific information or images and there are also HTML boxes, one for a Banner and one for an Opt-in form.

These templates are no hassle, no fuss, you don’t have to be scratching your head trying to figure out what to do next. So if you’re looking to improve the appearance of your Facebook Page or even want to create one, and you’re not sure about the techie stuff, I would advise you to use these templates.

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