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How to Create a Video From Your Essay

This is a simplified, step by step process for you to be able to create a video from your powerful message.

These are the items you will need to begin: An essay/story/message, Computer, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Windows Live Movie Maker, and an account with YouTube.

1. Create your essay/story/message – This is important. It is essential to write your message first or at least have an outline of the message.

2. Choosing music can be a little more difficult. You don’t have to have music but it does make the video much more powerful. The most important thing to remember; Music typically is copyrighted and unless you have permission you can’t use it for your video. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t making money from it. There are some websites out there that sell copyright free music and a few websites that have free, copyright free music. When you have the music you want to use, download to your computer making note of where it is saved

3. Open PowerPoint Presentation – You can be as creative as you like but know that what you really want is to set up each slide to be transferred to Windows Live Movie Maker. None of the animations or music can be transferred. You will add them later in Windows Live Movie Maker. On the flip side, in W.L.M.M. you will be working with pictures of the slides, you won’t be able to adjust any words, pictures or backgrounds.

To create more slides: Highlight a slide by selecting it then press enter.

The important tabs you will be using: Home, Design and Slide Show.

Decide on color, art, clip art, photographs, and word placement. Of course not using any copyrighted material. Don’t worry about timing at this stage but it is wise not to put too many words per page. You can use the slide show feature to get a feel for how things are flowing but really, don’t worry about timing.

4. When you are finished creating all the slides that you want: Go to Save As, click on Other Formats, click arrow Save as Type, select – PNG Portable Network Graphics Format, name it what you wish and select Save. It is going to create a folder with each slide saved separately. Pay attention to where that folder is so that you can find it. Also there will be a box pop up asking if you want to save just current slide or all slides. You want to save all slides.

5. Now open Windows Live Movie Maker. On the Home tab you will see “Add Videos and Photos” select and go to the folder with your slides. I suggest viewing them as medium size and you control that by selecting the small icon above on the right. You will be able to see a page of slides in picture format. Now select, starting with the first slide, to begin inserting them. They should be in order. A little tedious but there isn’t a lot left to do.

Once you have added all the slides, click on the first slide, click on the Home tab, click, Add Music. Then on the Home tab, click on AutoMovie. It will set up your movie to the music, add animation etc. You are not quite done. Watch the movie with the auto timings and make sure that you can read everything and see everything comfortably. If you can’t, click on each slide individually that you would like to adjust. From the animations tab you can change how the slide fades in and moves while being viewed. In the Edit tab you can adjust timing.

If you feel your movie needs more time than your song is long (Not longer than 15 minutes for YouTube), after you have changed the timing on all the slides you wish to change:

Select the slide where you need the music to continue.

Add the song again creating a loop, from the Home tab, by selecting Add Music or add a second song.

Listen as you watch from one or two slides before the insertion point’.

If there is a long fade out from the ending you can click and move the second insertion closer, crossing over to create a smoother transition.

When you have it just the way you want it go on to the final step.

6. Having already gone to YouTube and created an account, select YouTube icon on the Home tab, sign in and upload your movie.

Have fun creating your videos.

Source by Morgan Dragonwillow

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