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Tasty Summer Treats & Healthy Snacks

Summer season is upon us, and it’s bringing the heat! To protect up you icy (and nourished!), here are a pair of of my favorite summer season treats and healthy snacks.

From popsicles to no-bake bars to smoothies & shakes, these recipes are refreshing, nutritious, and tasty. (All the pieces you’d desire in a day snack!)

Tasty Summer Treats & Healthy Snacks for Summer

Tasty Treats + Wholesome Snacks for Summer season

Just a few of these recipes require baking, however most are no-bake. Ideal for warm days when you may perhaps protect a long way from handing over your oven!

1. Watermelon Rosemary Popsicles

watermelon lime popsicles

Is there anything else more quintessentially summer season than popsicles?? I seriously esteem these watermelon rosemary popsicles with lime. The flavors are irregular, and so they’re so refreshing!

2. No-Bake Blueberry Custard Pie (Vegan + Gluten Free)

no-bake blueberry pie

This blueberry custard pie doesn’t require any baking, and it’s perfect for Fourth of July. I mean, real sight at those colors! It’s ridiculously tasty, too. 🙂

3. Mix & Match Wholesome Smoothies

healthy smoothie recipes

I genuinely esteem how versatile smoothies are. That you just may employ no topic you relish gotten got on hand – fruits, veggies, nut butter, etc. You genuinely can’t sail unhealthy! Investigate cross-take a look at the post above for deal of smoothie taste inspiration.

4. Dairy & Gluten-Free Peach Truffles

gluten free peach muffins

One among my favorite summer season fruits: peaches. They’re so juicy and sweet, and so they’re luscious in these gluten free muffins! A truly perfect transportable breakfast or snack.

5. Lemon Avocado Hummus

vegan lemon avocado hummus snack recipe

This lemon avocado hummus goes mighty with crunchy veggies, crackers, or as a unfold on a sandwich. Plus, it’s large rapid to whip up a batch!

6. Fourth of July Wholesome Cookie Cake

fourth of july cookie cake

This healthy cookie cake may perchance perhaps furthermore be perfect for Fourth of July, however don’t let that live you from making it all over again! Reduce your self a prick, kick support, and journey the sunshine.

(Psst: desire more 4th of July themed recipe tips? Investigate cross-take a look at these posts: Wholesome 4th of July recipes + 4th of July recipes the employ of watermelon.)

7. Baked Oatmeal Apricot Snack Bars

apricot oatmeal bars

I genuinely esteem oatmeal bars. They’re a straightforward-to-affect, filling snack. And these apricot snack bars real bawl summer season!

8. Nectarine Ice Pops

healthy nectarine popsicles

These nectarine ice pops are the epitome of summer season. The recipe uses maple syrup for pure sweetness, and also that you just may furthermore continuously add berries for diagram more taste!

9. No-Bake Peanut Butter Granola Bars

no-bake peanut butter granola bars

Who may perchance perhaps furthermore scuttle up peanut butter granola bars that get rid of real 5 minutes to affect (and no baking in any diagram)?! Right here is one of my favorite sail-to snacks to relish on hand – and one of my most in style weblog recipes of all time! 

10. Fruit Salad with Yogurt Honey-Lime Dressing

fruit salad with yogurt honey lime dressing

One other summer season staple: fruit salad. However this isn’t your recent fruit salad – the yogurt honey lime dressing kicks it up various notches. 🙂

11. Cherry Pie Snack Bites

cherry pie snack bites

Luxuriate in a no bake model of cherry pie for loads less work with these cherry pie snack bites! They’re every tart and sweet, and big transportable.

12. Watermelon Mojito Sorbet

watermelon mojito sorbet

This watermelon mojito sorbet is vacation in a bowl: a frozen, hydrating treat that’ll protect you icy on a sizzling day.

13. Cheesy Pizza Granola Bars

cheesy pizza bars

Even as you’re more of a blinding snacker, these pizza bars may perhaps be your recent jam. They’re crunchy, tacky, and easy to affect!

14. Wholesome Shamrock Shake

healthy shamrock shake recipe

Shamrock shakes would be eaten year round, in my ogle! The important thing ingredient in this more healthy, refreshing model of the shamrock shake? Avocado! It can perchance sound a chunk irregular, however I promise it’s delicious.

And that’s it! I am hoping these tasty treats and snacks abet protect you icy and fueled this summer season. 🙂

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