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Warner Bros. Japan Reveals JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Plans for AX Lite

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Warner Bros. Japan’s great plans for this weekend’s Anime Expo Lite on-line streaming match embrace the Preserve Related with Anime panel. Last week we posted facts regarding the Food Wars! allotment of the panel, and now now we have extra facts on what Warner has in retailer for JoJo’s Unprecedented Lag followers.

Like Food Wars!, the JoJo allotment of the match will embrace a combination of pre-recorded photos and a stay segment. The panel will saunter by device of Anime Expo’s YouTube and Twitch channels correct after Food Wars! on Friday, July 3 at 8: 00pm Pacific Time. 

The principle highlight will doubtless be pre-recorded photos of JoJo’s Unprecedented Lag: Golden Wind EXPOSED, which sees Giorno Giovanna instruct actor Kensho Ono talking never-earlier than-revealed Golden Wind tales with David Production producer Kazutaka Kasama and Warner Bros. Japan producer Hiroyuki Omori.

There’ll additionally be a stay performance by legendary composer Yugo Kanno, who will part his skills in increasing tune and play a song from Golden Wind stay in studio. The plump program will doubtless be hosted by rap artist Lotus Juice. 

L-R: Yugo Kanno, Hiroyuki Omori, Lotus Juice


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