Watch NASA launch its Perseverance Mars rover mission at 7:50AM ET

Following an eight-day extend NASA is intention to originate the Perseverance rover at 7: 50 AM ET currently. The lander, orbiter and rover will originate aboard United Originate Alliance’s highly decent Atlas V rocket to kick off what needs to be a in point of fact appealing mission. The present originate, scheduled for July 22nd, wanted to be scrubbed consequently of a balky liquid oxygen sensor. You’ll be in a spot to examine out the originate continue to exist NASA’s intention at or on the movement embedded beneath.

The fairly complicated mission will use a rover, lander and orbiter to search out out about the geological historical previous of Mars. The 10-foot long Perseverance rover is the heaviest NASA has constructed, which will lift samples to be in a roundabout procedure returned to Earth. This might well additionally be the first to pack a helicopter that can lift to the skies above Mars. With all that packed in to the ULA rocket, the originate needs to be fairly a barnburner — if all goes smartly, it’ll advance at Mars in February of 2021.

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