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Where to buy Nvidia’s RTX 3080 graphics card tonight or tomorrow – The Verge

Sony’s PlayStation 5 opened pre-orders as we allege, and it’s an teach fiasco up to now — there used to be no communication about when, where, or how to accumulate one with out competing with scalpers. But in all probability we let you accumulate your palms on Nvidia’s new RTX 3080 graphics card, a GPU that at final powers 4K 60fps gaming or better for $700?

Truth be taught, we don’t know when all of those shops will delivery up — we’ve already considered this MSI card depart out and in of stock — however Newegg not too prolonged ago tweeted that orders delivery up at 6AM PT, and an Nvidia neighborhood manager talked about the identical, so that appears to be like love a goal accurate-looking safe wager. It’ll undoubtedly happen by stay-of-day Thursday, because September 17th is originate day.

But we plan know where you potentially can desire to glance: Amazon, Most arresting Resolve, and Newegg all have dedicated landing pages that list the total cards they thought to promote — though plan show conceal that they’re mostly third-celebration designs from the likes of EVGA, MSI, and Gigabyte, every with diversified coolers than the ones you’ll fetch on Nvidia’s maintain Founder’s Edition card. For the staunch card we reviewed with its new push/pull cooler and 12-pin energy adapter, it’s possible you’ll in all probability also merely additionally desire to take a glance at Nvidia itself.

That it’s possible you’ll in all probability in all probability desire to accumulate an inquire of on those hyperlinks above. That it’s possible you’ll in all probability in all probability also are trying a tracker love this one at NowInStock.rep; I’ve prone their Google Groups variant to nab a Nintendo Change sooner than.

Update September 17th, 12: 08AM ET: Added Newegg and seeming Nvidia confirmation of a 6AM PT delivery up time for orders.

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