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Why Your Failure is Not Your Fault

You started off with great goals. To become independently wealthy, to give your family everything they ever dreamed of and more, to help others and to grow a successful team. You know what happened next. You were lied to, and used by the Gurus. You got tossed aside like last weeks newspaper, no support no training. Your checking account drained and credit cards maxed out. Friends and family avoiding you like the plague. Then being so disappointed in yourself that you can’t look in the mirror with out thinking, what a LOSER. I have been their. It all started because I wanted the same things you wanted; freedom from your boss and your J.O.B. . I wanted to buy my wife a crazy priced piece of jewelry just because I can, to say pack for a week honey were out of here, to go and visit our family when ever we want, To be a success from my efforts, to be satisfied that I have made a success of my business with honesty and hard work, to chose the people I want to work with, to receive the satisfaction of helping them succeed and being appreciated for it.

You DON’T want more rejection. You DON’T want to have to sell anything to anyone. And you sure DON’T want another MLM.

This book is FREE there will be no mention of any company or opportunity. Now you are thinking there are tons of e books out there being offered by lots of people. Well read them at your own risk, because they will profit from all of their recommendations. The purpose of Success in 10 Steps is to share with you the 30 years of experience of the Writer Michael Dlouhy. To teach you a 10 step process that will create a life time residual income with any reputable company. This plan is simple put not easy, it will take some effort on your part. Two questions are probably in your min; what’s in it for me and how much can I make. First this is not a get rich quick plan. Second Mentoring for Free is what I do to give back to an industry that has given so much. I receive a great deal by giving to others. I will do my best to help you. I wish you the very best and hope this information is useful. It can change your life. Are you ready? Read on.

The ugly truth is It would enrage you and dose me to hear the stories that Michael tells about how the heavy hitter make a huge profit off the backs of their down line, not sell useful products but from; cds, dvds, tapes, books and a myriad of other useless junk all under the guise of helping you build your business. Why do you think there is so much widespread criticism of the network marketing industry. We receive call all the time wanting to know what’s up, why are you doing this for free, there must be a catch, how are you going to scam me? They think we must be after there people, however they don’t really have any people that actually trust them. Most up lines notion of support and their big lies will be cover right away in chapter one. True support is to take you step by step a guide through a successful process that you will gain knowledge and experience as we go together. That is what we do on our live call and recorded audios. We do not mention and companies or push any opportunities. Some how people think we must be charging something to their phone bill, not so. Listen we do very well with our MLM Thank you. The phone calls and tools provided support our team, who work very hard, and Michael, Linda and myself appreciate and love them. We owe everything to this industry and it gets on my last nerve to hear people slamming Network Marketers because of the greed of those who give us a bad name. We are honest giving people who are willing to help other succeed. So we will do all that we can to help others who are willing to hang their life, hopes and Dreams on this industry. For the skeptics, hey I get it I was there too, but you need to get over it and invest a little time that’s all, put your visa away I don’t need it. If your not willing to take the time have a good one, see ya on down the road. For everyone else let’s get started.

This article is my summary of the Introduction of Success in 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

Source by John Hood

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